Cognitive Wellness Therapy

What Is Cognitive Wellness Therapy?

At the Center for Cognitive Wellness of Southern California our goal is to help individuals optimize their cognitive health through evaluation, education, and treatment. Cognitive difficulties can have a significant impact on quality of life, and unfortunately, many people feel frustrated, anxious, and sometimes hopeless when they experience problems with memory and thinking that interfere with their ability to function as highly as they did in the past.

One way to better understand these difficulties is to undergo a thorough evaluation of cognitive functioning by a licensed Orange County therapist. Neuropsychological evaluation can provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses, a baseline for future comparison, and/or early diagnosis of diseases that impact cognitive functioning, particularly those affecting older adults. Evaluation can also guide treatment to improve emotional and cognitive functioning, help patients and their loved ones understand cognitive changes, and ultimately, enhance quality of life.

We offer comprehensive, compassionate, and practical neuropsychological services that meet each individual where they are, no matter what stage of life they are in. We believe that neuropsychological evaluation should go beyond diagnosis and we strive to provide our patients with the tools necessary to optimize cognitive wellness.